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I am delighted with the work Andrea did with me to help me reach my weight loss goals and maintain healthier habits! I have been working with my dietician for the past 8 months and I have seen such amazing results. She has been so knowledgeable and helpful, always providing me with the best advice and tips for reaching my goals. She has also been so encouraging and motivating, always pushing me to do my best and stay on track especially when I am in situations that can result in poor habits like travelling to work conferences. I am so thankful for her help and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to make positive changes in their life!
I've been holding back writing this review because of the impact of my nutritionist, Andrea Bailey, has been short of miraculous and I don't want to get emotional. My gut problems that have been with me since childhood, I'm now 66, went away literally in a couple of days after I started the program. I'm very grateful to Andrea for a dramatic improvement in my quality of life
Worked with Andrea, she was def my champion, helped me come up w/ framework for managing and tracking that worked for me, and got just as excited as I did on my successes. Additionally, she accommodates different eating lifestyles or dietary restrictions. Simply great service with a passionate provider. Thanks!
Could not recommend Andrea Bailey enough. I was/am dealing with IBS, and Andrea helped get me back to a healthy baseline after years of struggle. She is thorough, patient, informative and an extremely reliable problem solver. If you are ready to start healing your gut I would strongly advice you to meet with Andrea 🙂
Working with Andrea has been amazing, and I've learned SOOO much:) She is the best and have done SO much for me; more than she knows!
I started with Andrea in May 2022. I recently got off birth control and my hormones were out of whack, and my normal eating habits were not working anymore. Andrea is amazing! She not only is knowledgeable in gut and hormone health, she also is fantastic about meeting you where you are at-emotional, frustrated, happy, excited. She gets it. She’s a very good coach. I feel heard and acknowledged and confident I will achieve my goals.
Andrea is an excellent nutritional coach. She meets you where you are and explores ways with you to improve your eating habits and lifestyle changes. She has had a very positive impact on my improved health. She is realistic and straightforward with her knowledge and information to support clients as they make changes that will last a lifetime. She is a true asset!!
I have been working with Andrea Bailey. She has helped me immensely to overcome my original issues with my microscopic colitis and renal disease. The results have been excellent. From what she has taught me I feel confident that I can improve my diet and always stay in line with my doctors instructions.
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